Family Tours in Hamburg

City tours with children are often boring for the kids and espacially stressful for their parents.
This is quite different with our family tours:
The small task puzzles and collect stamps in their pirate book, while mom an dad get to know the city.

The guided tour for families in Hamburg leads to the main attractions of the city:
Town Hall, Deichstraße, Speicherstadt, Michel, Landungsbrücken.

The tour is suiatable for strollers:
If desired, you can book a handcart or a trainer bike:
Starting point and end of the tour can be arranged individually, as
breaks in childrens playgrounds or at an ice cream shop.

Prices for the guided tour for families in Hamburg:

Duration of the tour 1 to 2 hours, depending on the arrangement or age of children.
Prices: €25per adult, €20 per child*

*excludes additional costs for handcart or trainer bike.


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